History Tracking

History tracking is one of the most vital elements of fleet management. Production Automotive track the history of each vehicle within your fleet, and at any time can tell you:
  • What work has been undertaken on the car
  • The date the work was done
  • The speedo reading at the time of undertaking the work
  • The cost of the work, both in parts and labour
  • The expenses to date, and
  • Any notations of work that need to be done to the car (for example, we alert you at the conclusion of a service if the vehicle will require anything specific before or at the next scheduled service, such as brakes or a timing belt).
History tracking can be a useful tool for any business. It can be used to analyse costs and monitor trends in wear, tear and abuse of your vehicles. It can also be a determining factor when deciding whether to keep or retire a vehicle. At any time you can use this history to establish the cost-effectiveness of that particular vehicle to your business.