Why Fleet Management?

Fleet managers are aware that effective management of their fleet improves operational efficiency and effectiveness of those vehicles, which flows on to the success of the business. We understand that having just one fleet car off the road can cost a business up to thousands of dollars each day, and so we work with our fleet customers to ensure we prevent costly breakdowns and unscheduled down-time with tailored service programs that are both efficient and economical. Preventative maintenance can help you avoid costly measures in the future and make it less likely that you will encounter any unexpected surprises.

The benefits of fleet management far outweigh the costs.
  • Saving money. An unmaintained vehicle will definitely cost more over its lifespan than a maintained vehicle
  • Regular maintenance often increases the lifespan of vehicles, therefore vehicles last longer and are replaced less frequently
  • Vehicles with service record return a higher resale value
  • Scheduled maintenance is planned and results in less vehicle downtime for breakdowns or repairs. It also means alternative transport can be organised
  • Minimising unscheduled fleet downtime limits costs and risks - a major breakdown in your fleet may result  in your companies' reputation suffering as well as immediate loss of revenue
  • Ongoing analysis, monitoring and record-keeping reduces the time required to research and gather information when selecting and replacing vehicles
  • History tracking can assist you with vehicle cost analysis
  • You have a committed automotive team at your disposal who are happy to provide consultative advice when you need it.