Why regular servicing?

Regular servicing of your vehicle is an investment that saves money in the long-term. Servicing is essential for:

  • ensuring new cars meet warranty conditions
  • maintaining older cars to ensure optimum performance
  • ensuring your car is fuel-efficient
  • reducing tyre wear
  • saving money long-term by preventing expensive and inconvenient break-downs, and importantly!
  • ensuring safety.

Services should be completed roughly every six months - or approximately every 10,000km depending on vehicle as each car is unique and the servicing requirements are dependent on the manufacturer's specifications. Regular services can pick up any irregularities with the car and ensure there are no safety requirements that could develop into a problem (such as worn brakes, shock absorbers, tyres or wheel bearings, or oil and coolant leaks).

Importantly, regular servicing is a small investment towards long-term savings and reliability.