Environmental Policy
We've gone green!

It is well-known that the automotive repair industry produces substantial levels of waste products. The team at Production Automotive have been pro-active for many years, and are constantly employing best practices to help reduce our impact on the environment.

Production Automotive is committed to leading the industry in minimising the impact of its activities on the environment. Our staff is committed to making the workshop cleaner and greener, with the key points of our environmental strategy being:

  • Establishment and implementation of sound environmental management policies and promotion of best practise in all areas of our business
  • Ensuring that environmental risks are properly identified, prioritised and managed in an appropriate way
  • Commitment to the principles of clean work methods in our activities, including actions to reduce the generation of waste, to implement preventative measures with regard to pollutants, to conserve energy and resources, and to recycle and dispose of materials appropriately  
  • Active improvement of our environment management by consistent  review and evaluation of operations to ensure optimum efficiency
  • Ensuring all employees are informed and aware of their professional and personal responsibility to the environment via:

- providing all employees with updated information and training in changes to environment management systems and work practices

- providing clear communication to employees ensuring that they have ongoing information and training, and

- through both of the above, encouraging effective participation in reducing environmental impact both in the workplace and domestically

  • Sourcing and promoting a product range (where applicable) to minimise the environmental impact of vehicles, and
  • Meeting and, where possible, exceeding the requirements of all environmental laws, regulations and standards relating to our business activities.