Account Billing

Production Automotive offer up to 30-day accounts for fleet customers who have 3 or more vehicles registered to a business.
Generally we will start your businesses on a 14 day account and we can work up to 30 days as time progresses and payments have been made on time.
Our account payment terms start from the invoice date meaning if you are on a 14 day account and the job was carried out on 1st of the month the invoice would need to be paid in full by the 15th of that month.
If the account is paid late we will review the account and may change the customer back to a cash customer meaning the invoice is to be paid on pickup on vehicle.

All jobs are billed as they are undertaken. Each fleet customer can determine how to best manage their invoicing. Some like to have the invoice posted, others prefer to have it faxed or emailed after the job is completed. Others like to have the driver take the hard copy back to the office. Whatever works best for your business can be employed.

For any information on pricing, please don't hesitate to make an appointment to meet with Mathew to go over our approach and see how it can work for you.

How is labour calculated?

Production Automotive utilise a time tracking system that tracks the work completed in 15-minute intervals. Labour billing is only ever charged for the actual time that was spent working on the vehicle. In some cases we will provide a general estimate of costs but find that the job took less time than anticipated. In this case the invoice total will be less than the estimate - we wont ever charge you for anything other than the time we actually spend on your vehicle.