Air conditioning and maintenence


We are now licensed to service, repair and De-Commission air conditioning systems and have a state of the art Air conditioner charge station to ensure the correct levels of gas and oil are being installed into your vehicle and leakages are found as quickly as possible.

Is your Air conditioning not as cold as it used to be ?
Does it seem to take along time to get cold or demist the windows ?
Has it been 5+ years since your last air conditioning service ?

If you said YES to any of these questions it may be time for an air conditioning service !!!

Did you know your air conditioning system has a high pressure oil and a filter inside called a receiver dryer to ensure parts like the compressor are working at their optimal performance.
Your a/c system refrigerant and your compressor oil will break down over time and cause your system not to run as efficiently which can lead to excess fuel consumption and worst case leave you stranded due to compressor failure.

Air conditioning services start from $180 and include:
* Recovery and disposal of your old refrigerant.
* Leak testing and vacuum removal of your old system oil.
* Inspection of the air conditioner system, belt, compressor.
* Replacement of the air conditioner system filter which is called the receiver dryer ( where fitted as some cars are not replaceable )
* inspection of your interior ventilation filter also known as a pollen filter.
* R134a refrigerant and UV compressor oil. ( we use Ultra violet compressor oil to show future leaks if the system loses the refrigerant)
* We will print before and after temperatures on your invoice. 

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